South Devon is blessed with a wonderful coastline and with wonderful beaches, rocky shores and estuaries many of which are within easy reach with public transport.  These shores contain a marvellous range of extraordinary and exotic marine animals and plants that live and compete in the inter-tidal zone.  The variety and extraordinary ecology of this local environment can match that of anywhere in the world.

The Shores of South Devon was founded in January 2020 as a voluntary association that focusses on the marine life along the coast of south Devon. We hold evening Zoom meetings where expert speakers and others talk on a relevant topic, art/photo exhibitions, run stalls and organise field trips and citizen science surveys to our local shores.

Join our Association

Join the Shores of South Devon by downloading our membership form. If you need to renew your existing membership just pay your subscription (£10) to our account the details of which are on the form. Make sure you include reference to your name and ‘2024’. Membership lasts to the end of 2024.

Membership not only helps us achieve our aim of spreading the word about life on rocky shores but allows you to join us on our monthly Citizen Science Shoresearch Walkover surveys, which are conducted on different shores in collaboration with the Devon Wildlife Trust. Our observations are uploaded via the Trust to the National Biodiversity Database. In addition you will be notified of the link to our Zoom talks and can attend our live talks at a reduced rate.

The Association’s aims are

1) To celebrate and promote interest in the varied and highly diverse shores of the south Devon coast

2) To bring together people with a common interest in their local marine environment to
a) learn about and share knowledge of
b) record
c) increase their enjoyment of

the fascinating natural history near them

3) To do this through
a) regular expert talks
b) surveys and shore trips, including Citizen Science projects and other external activities
c) links to other interest groups, professional and scientific bodies

Please also check out our public Facebook site for recent posts here and our Youtube channel for replay of our Zoom talks, and a video of the creatures of the shores between Dawlish Warren and Shaldon that we have made, here.  For Instagram tag #shoresofsouthdevon. We also have a private Facebook site for Association members only here.

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