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Going to the shore
This pdf provides useful practical information about how to plan for an expedition to a beach or rocky shore. (Opens in a new tab).

This pdf gives a short guide to the some of the best places in south Devon (and south-east Cornwall) as well as what to wear and when to go. (Opens in a new tab).

The tides of South West England
This pdf discusses some aspects of the tides around the SW peninsular and in particular explains why one should always use predictions by the UK Hydrographic Office (Easytide or Imray) rather than those of unknown provenance posted on many websites. (Opens in a new tab).

Websites and additional information
This pdf has a list of website addresses that provide much of the information one needs for planning a visit to a shore. (Opens in a new tab).

SoSD Constitution
This pdf contains the constitution of SoSD as agreed by members of the Steering Group. (Opens in a new tab).

SoSD data protection policy
This pdf contains is about data protection. (Opens in a new tab).

SoSD safeguarding policy
This pdf SoSD contains the Safeguarding policy (Opens in a new tab)

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