Planned Shoresearch Walkover Surveys, 2024

This table shows which weekends we intend to conduct Citizen Science Shoresearch walkover surveys. The precise beach and meeting details etc will be announced on our Facebook Site nearer the time. We usually meet 1.5 to 2 hrs before LW and end about 1 hr after LW. See below and on other pages on this website for further information about what to bring and expect on a survey.

DateTime LW*Ht/mLocation
Saturday 13th Jan13420.68Goodrington BeachTS
Sunday 11th Feb14120.21Bundle Head, ShaldonTS
Sunday 10th Mar12260.26Livermead Beach
Sunday 7th April 12100.51
Saturday 11th May15150.88
Sunday 9th June 15101.0
Sunday 7th July14131.04
Saturday 24th Aug16150.68
Saturday 21 Sept15190.41
Saturday 19th Oct14200.38
Saturday 16th Nov12110.62
Sunday 15th Dec11540.94

* Times at Teignmouth and are adjusted for Daylight Saving where appropriate

Our Shoresearch Walkover surveys are conducted under the auspices of the Devon Wildlife Trust who administer all data submitted to them by our leaders. On arrival at the meeting point you will be asked to sign in and agree to our disclaimer which essentially absolves us of any responsibility for any (unlikely) accident you may have. If you’re a paid up member of our Association the surveys are free; if you’re not then we do ask for a small donation, say £3, which is in support of our aims. Wear appropriate clothing and bring something to eat and drink if you want. It’s best to wear wellies if you don’t want to get wet feet. Bring a camera or smart phone to record any interesting animals or algae that you see. Your photos will be added to the record that we submit to the DWT.

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