Shaldon’s rocky shores

There are two excellent rocky shores that can be accessed from Shaldon. To reach them by car use the Ness car park on the Torquay side of the village (parking in the village itself is virtually impossible). Alternatively the no 22 bus runs an hourly service between Torquay and Teignmouth past the car park and through the village. To get to the Ness shore drop down the car park to the river Teign and walk to the right. To get to the Bundle Head rocks you need to go through the Smuggler’s tunnel which is entered from near the entrance to Shaldon Zoo. When you come out of the tunnel Bundle Head is at the far end of the beach on the right.

Bundle Head to the south and Ness Head to the north and running into the Teign Estuary

Ness Head and Bundle Head rock fields at the north and south ends of Ness Beach. The car park is accessed from the A379 via Ness Drive

The rocks at Ness Head

Bundle Head showing the entrance to Smugglers Tunnel